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the good resume company helps people get the jobs they deserve through resume writing, interview coaching and linkedin optimization. 

6 seconds, which is shorter than a goldfishes memory, is all your resume has to capture the attention of the hiring manager. 
                 The Good Resume Co is here to give you the tools to get your dream job. 

6 second is all you have for a recruiter or hiring manager to look at your resume or CV 


It’s more important than ever to make sure that your resume stands out and captures attention quickly, while making sure all the right things are said. It’s more than just being visually appealing and easy to read, your resume needs to highlight your relevant skills and experiences too. Concise language will ensure that your cv is attention-grabbing and easily digestible. Bullet points, key words and layout will help capture the reader’s attention. We’re here to make sure you’re set up to get the job you deserve.


“A quick shoutout to my Resume Ninjas! They created two resumes for me, and I love them both! They were way better than what I had before. I also had two interview coaching sessions and landed my dream job. I’m unsure where I would be if I didn’t find them.”

Brian Gomez – Physician Recruiter

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Tailor Made

Our resumes are customized for the person and the job they are striving to achieve.

Recruiters Perspective

Our Resume Ninjas have hired dozens, some hundreds, of candidates. We know what they are looking for.


ATS(applicant tracking system) optimized with keywords and the perfect formats.


Providing you with a service that takes one big thing off your plate so you can focus on getting out there and winning.

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We all know how important first impressions are. Remember that you have six seconds to capture a recruiter’s attention and build that pivotal first impression. The resume we will create for you will be just what you need to start on the right foot. We will turn your resume or experience into the tool you need to build the best first impression possible.

Keyword Optimization

One of the tools in our toolkit is Keyword Optimization. New AI in the recruiting field automatically hunts for specific words based on the job you’re applying for. It can be a daunting task to know what these are and how to use them. Our Ninjas and copywriters will do all the work for you.

Showing Impact

The last thing to remember is our Resume Ninjas are professional; they understand how action creates impact. We will help identify the correlation of your efforts to the correct result-based information a hiring manager is seeking.

linkedin optimization photo so recruiters are impressed with your digital presence.


LinkedIn Optimization brings your experience and personality we will be delivering to your resume into the digital world. LinkedIn has 875 million active users. Standing out can be tricky, but we are here to ensure you do

Public Impression

Your Public Impression and your digital presence go hand and hand. Your resume will get you in the door, and your LinkedIn is a tool many use to ensure you’re a cultural fit and to verify your resume is accurate. It also provides an opportunity for recruiters and headhunters to see you in a different light. Taking every opportunity you can to build your digital footprint is critical in getting the job you deserve.

Completed Sections

Often, folks feel overwhelmed and don’t complete their LinkedIn pages’ profiles, sections, or areas. Unfortunately, the LinkedIn algorithm will not prioritize you if you’re not meeting things fully and utilizing keywords to stand out.

Purposeful Banners & Photos

Making sure you have an optimized LinkedIn profile is essential, but another thing to remember is to have the best photos and banner you can. These demonstrate your character and charisma. We’ll help identify and choose the best options for you to reflect your personality and help others see it too.

LinkedIn OptimizationHere!
the woman is getting interview coaching from the good resume co . A ninja is on the other side of the video call.


Nervous, mind wandering, feeling unsure? Interview Coaching is key to staying calm, relaxed, and collected. We will prepare you to shine and ensure you’re ready for all they might throw at you. 

Powerful Intro

We will work on your open-ended introduction. Pin-pointing the specifics recruiters are looking for and educating you on the phycology behind the start of interviews.

Relevant Career History & Highlights

Knowing your highlights are great, but any Ninja will tell you they want specifics. Additionally, various roles will request different questions to determine your quality. We will ensure your quick, consolidated responses are inspiring and demonstrate quality.

Stand Out

Standing out will be critical. We will provide tips, tricks, and methods to ensure your nerves don’t get the best of you and you are ready for any questions they throw at you. You will go into the interview your best self and leave with your head held high!


Interview Coaching Here!


“I worked in high-level corporate for years. It was eating me alive. Finally, I knew I needed to get out, so between LinkedIn Optimization, Resume, and Interview Coaching; I now work 100% remotely. LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you to the Resume Ninja Team and The Good Resume Co.”

Mo Mohamed – Senior Director of Engineering 


Our 3 tier Prices



1 Resume

Resume Ninja Consultation

Document Support

7-Day Turnaround



2 Resumes

Resume Ninja Consultation

Additional Document Support

10-Day Turnaround

Monthly Seeker


1 Resume a Month

Monthly Ninja Consultations

Unlimited Document Support

5-Day Turnaround

3-Month Agreement

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Mission and Goals

Why we do what we do

We started as a group of directors and managers whose goals were to improve the life of our teams. So much in fact, we would help them make their resumes to land their dream job. Now, we work behind the scenes, in the shadows, to deliver the same commitment and passion to helping others land the job of their dreams.

Our Mission is to provide tools that can open doors and change lives.

Our team, dubbed The Resume Ninjas, are committed to delivering a high-quality, streamlined, and stress-free experience. Each Resume Ninja provides tailor-made coaching and is partnered with expert writers to create resumes that impress employers and help you in this competitive job market.

At The Good Resume Co, we are more than just a resume writing service – we’re partners in your job search. Our Ninjas will stop at nothing to help you achieve success.

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“I was in a tough spot in my life; I was worried about the next steps, and hadn’t updated my resume in years. The Ninjas at The Good Resume Co helped me, though. I needed to figure out a direction so I decided to do the Monthly Seeker to see what landed. I was able actually to turn jobs away! Very Grateful.”

Lucas Fernandes – Field Training Agent

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Frequently Asked Question’s

We have several people on our team who have been in high-level positions at a variety of inducted. One of them will be your Ninja and help you through your path here at the Good Resume Co.

First, please email us with any questions you might have! Once you’re ready to start, find the resume options you’re looking for, and submit payment. Once you do, you will receive a receipt and a form to fill out. Next, a Resume Ninja will email you to schedule a call and ensure we have all the documents and info needed(old resumes, etc.). After your call with your Resume Ninja, and our copywriters will dive in, and you should have a first draft in 48 hours.

Great question! You will have a max of 2 rewrites per resume. So if you’re not feeling the first iteration, we can do another for you at no cost, with the same job focus.

The Interview Coaching consists of prep time from your Resume Ninja and a 1-hour video call. A Resume Ninja, familiar with recruiting standards in your industry, will be partnered with you.

With your LinkedIn Optimization, we will have a copywriter take your resume and goals and translate it to your LinkedIn page. Then, we’ll overhaul everything from top to bottom and ensure it’s ready for any recruiter to view.

After your three months, it’s Month to Month, with a two weeks notice. So email us, and we’ll get it canceled.

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