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Pro – 2 Resumes + More Time with a Ninja + A professional copywriter to give you 2 different resumes.



Our Pro option will set you up with two custom versions of resumes for you. It’s excellent for people looking for two unrelated career paths; ex – Sales Manager and Business Development Manager.
We’ll request some info + items from you and will provide you the opportunity to jump on a 15-Minute call with a Resume Ninja to discuss the jobs you’re seeking.

3 reviews for Pro

  1. Steve S.

    I did this with the coaching. NIGHT AND DAY from my old resume.

  2. Nina R.

    My Ninja understood everything I was going for. I think they use copy writers too, and they nailed my resumes. General Manager or Marketing Manager, here I come!

  3. Peter S.

    I have been trying to get a new job, any job, for months. Very happy with these. Feel more confident and already feel like I’m getting traction on my online application. Thank you Good Resume

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